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Launched with a single title in 1972, Belvoir Media Group has served the needs of active enthusiasts in a wide range of interest areas for more than three decades. Our publications help readers live their passions and are noted for their in-depth analysis, immediacy and practical, real-world relevance. Belvoir's talented editors, based throughout the nation, share their readers' enthusiasm and possess a thorough knowledge of the subjects they cover. Belvoir creates and markets editorial products that nearly two million customers enjoy and renew year after year.

Our seven operating divisions are comprised of a diverse portfolio of magazines, newsletters, books, web sites and electronic media. Belvoir also enjoys longstanding relationships with nationally recognized institutions such as The Cleveland Clinic, Public Television and the UCLA Medical School, to name a few.

Belvoir's rapid growth has been achieved through innovation and a culture of excellence. We are positioned for continued expansion through aggressive marketing, an understanding of market dynamics, and valued vendor relationships.